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Simultaneous TS Recorder


Receives digital terrestrial waves and records TS data.Programs can be viewed via networked PC. STR-101

The STR-101 Simultaneous TS Recorder is a device to record programs (TS data) of terrestrial digital broadcasting automatically. Programs in the resolution of 20Mbps can be recorded in the integrated 24TB HDD for more than 90 days.

Major Features

  • Necessary program files can be recalled with file names or broadcasted time instantly.
  • Recorded programs can be viewed with video editor or video viewer software.
  • Datacast can also be viewed with an optional viewer tool.
  • The 1U rack-mountable chassis saves big space.

Block diagram

STR-101 system block


How can programs be recorded with the device?
Just connect the STR-101 to RF terminal on the OFDM modulator and a networked PC.
How does it delete old programs when capacities are full?
When capacities or recording days reach preprogrammed values, the STR-101 deletes old programs.
What is the resolution (bit rate) to record programs?
The STR-101 records programs at the same bit rate as that of broadcast waves.
Tell me how to find recorded programs.
Programs can be found by entering file name (program title) or broadcasted time with the special STR software or the "Explorer" installed in a PC.
Can it also record multiplexed channels?
Yes. All the multiplexed channels can be recorded in the TS file format.
Is it necessary to connect it to a radio clock?
When the STR-101 can receive TOT, the connection is not needed.
Any counter-measure against troubles?
Power supplies can be duplicated. RAID5 can be constructed with hard disks.
Can it record datacasting?
Yes. Datacasting will also be recorded in the form of TS files. The files can be viewed with the TVT-101, an optional viewing tool.
How can datacast be viewed?
Just connect the TVT-101 to the RF connector on a television set.
What about the community channel broadcasted via STB?
STR-201, a recording system for 64QAM, is optionally available.