1973Foundation of MECC CO., LTD.
Maintenance of medical equipment
Development of bio-phenomena recorder
1975Transfer of headquarters to 306 Koitai, Ogori, Fukuoka, Japan
Development of CRT display device and equipment for ophthalmology
1977Construction of headquarters at 289 Fukudo, Ogori, Fukuoka, Japan
1978Acquisition of license to manufacture medical equipment
Development of automatic X-ray tube voltage controller and CRT deflection amplifier
1981Extension of a factory
Development of universal CRT test system and X-ray image processor
1984Start of exporting CRT deflection amplifiers
Development of X-ray still image memory device
1987Construction of the second factory at 196-1 Fukudo, Ogori Establishment of MECC KOREA CO., LTD. in Taegu, Korea Development of high brightness monitor and CRT aging system
1990 Establishment of MECC TECHNOLOGY (S) PTE LTD in Singapore
1991 Establishment of MECC U.S.A., INC. in Illinois, U.S.A.
Construction of the third factory at 705-1 Kamiiwata, Ogori
1994Construction of headquarters building at 196-1 Fukudo, Ogori
1997Establishment of MECC SHANGHAI CO., LTD. in Shanghai, China
1999Foundation of Cable Village, a CATV station with Ogori-city as its area
2001Extension of the cover area of CATV to Tachiarai-town
2002Acquisition of licenses of building and electric communication business and
electric construction business
Acquisition of license of type 1 electric communication business Development of LCD panel driver Development of uproad digital modulator and demodulator
2005Development of OLED panel driver
Development of digital TV/radio tuner tester
Development of machine vision system for flat panels
2006Development of nanofiber spinning system for laboratories
Extension of R & D center and establishment of CATV studio
2007Development of signal generator for LCD panels for TV sets
Development of OLED panel aging system
Development of measurement system for BER of TS signals
2008Development of block driving system for a-Si LCD panels
Development of 3-wave OFDM signal generator
Development of 4K2K signal generator
2009Development of video switcher to broadcast community programs
Making a contract with Chikuzen-town to make and operate FTTH network
2010Development of multiplexer for CS digital channels
Development of uproad HD modulator/demodulator
Development of OFDM transmitter to broadcast community programs
2011Development of nanofiber spinning system for mass production
2012Development of simultaneous TS recorder