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Signal Generator for Analog-Drive LCD Panels


Meet the Needs for Driving Analog Panels! Ideal for Mass Production!!

ATG-01 is a signal generator to drive p-Si TFT LCD panels with analog inputs for such applications as cellular phones and digital cameras.
Its resolution goes up to4096 horizontal dots (including a blanking period) X 4096 vertical lines (2V including a blanking period.)

Such signal as clock signals and start signals can be created in the unit of one clock of the master clock, so any timing signals can be quickly and easily generated and edited.
There are four channels of power supply outputs as V1 to V4. With the combination of 32 timing signals, 32 video signals the maximum of 64 test conditions can be preprogrammed.

Major Features

  • The ATG-01 integrates all the units necessary for driving p-Si LCD panels.
  • Quick and easy remote-panel operation thinking about product use.
  • Voltage and current monitoring on the remote panel as well as PASS/FAIL judgements.
  • Display of the model number (8 alpha-numerical letters) and a test sequence number.
  • Easy Calibrations of power supply and signal outputs.
  • Minimized voltage difference between Vsig signal channels. (<+/-10mV)
  • 10 channels of drive signal outputs.
  • One channel of the inversion signal makes inversion of Vsig-R, Vsig-G and Vsig-B.
  • Two channels of the 4-level signals can have levels with different timings. The channel No.1 is only for Vcom and the center voltage can be controlled on the channel.
  • Rotating the encoder on the remote panel varies the contrast voltage for video signals to change brightness.
  • The attached PC software includes a video pattern generator instantly to create such patterns as CROSSHATCH, RASTER, WINDOW, SLANT, STRIPE and CHESS.
  • Test pattern data is registered using preprogrammed data file names, facilitating addition of new test patterns because signal patterns data is combined with three files of voltage condition data and video set data with specifying the file names.
  • The model changeover can be easily made by replacing the Smart Media ®