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High-speed evaluation system for FPD panels!

FVT-12T is a system to evaluate flat display panels (QVGA) typically used for cellar phones and PDAs by detecting dot/line defects with programmable test limits.

The system taking advantage of a 10M-pixel CCD camera that can capture an entire panel image at once enables high-speed measurement for inspections used a line scan camera.
It detects the number of pixels, array information and edge (effective emission of light area) automatically, users can set panel easily. In addition,

judgements are not personal uneven, it improves inspection result of reliability.

Major Features

  • Measurement time is less than 10 seconds (from start measuring to displaying result, it does not include time of exchange cameras, 10M-pixel CCD camera enables capturing an entire image of a panel screen.
  • This system detect slight signal by wide dynamic range, because camera output uses ADC (high- tone 14bit).
  • Flexible inspection in conformity to panels is possible.
  • Test limits can be programmed for each RGB. (Bright spot / Dark spot / Bright line / Dark line)
  • Area size of test and permissible defect number of GO/NG test also can be preprogrammed.
  • It is easy to confirm errors, because error point of panel is displayed as image view after inspection.
  • Time crunch of setting panel is possible by using edge (area of luminous), automatic detection of edge of a panel, the number of pixel and automatic setting exposure time.
  • Position and focus adjustment is easily, because all screen and focus one (center) are displayed at the same time.
  • It does not need adjustment of position by automatic correction of positional relation of panel and camera when inspector exchange panels.
  • Accurate test is possible, because dispersion of CCD pixel and brightness caused by characteristic of lens is corrected based on correction data of optical characteristic which is acquired in advance.
  • Select drivers which meet with panel, because LCD driver is controlled via RS232C.(We need meeting about inspection of LCD Drive)