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Drive Both Digital and Analog Panels!

LDU-01B is a universal signal generator for p-Si TFT-LCD panels used for cellular phones and digital cameras, etc. which can input both digital video signals (8Bit) and analog video signals. (a-Si TFT-LCD passes via TAB IC) The resolution is up to QXGA (2048 X 1536) and meets requirements for 4096 horizontal dots (including blanking) and 4096 vertical lines (2V including blanking). Timing signals such as the clock signal and the start signal, and the video signal can be made with every single clock of the master clock (MCK), so any timing signal can be created and edited quickly and easily. The device has 8 channels of power supplies from V1 to V8, featuring high power output. A maximum of 64 test conditions can be made by the combination of 32 different voltage and signal level setting of timing signals and video signals.

Major Features

  • All signals to drive the LCD panel can be generated by LDU-01B.
  • Thinking about the use in production, operation of the remote controller was so simplified.
  • The DISPLAY1 screen shows V1, V2, V3, V4 currents, and VEXT1 to VEXT2 voltages.
  • The DISPLAY2 screen shows V1 to V8 currents, and VEXT1 to VEXT4 voltages. Pass/Fail judgement will be also made on the screen.
  • It is easy to calibrate the LCD power-supply voltage, timing signal, video signal and 4-level signals.
  • Voltage differences between Vsig channels are minimized to less than +/-10mV.
  • There are 16 channels of positive and negative drive signal memories.
  • There are 24 channels of positive and negative digital signal memories.
  • The reverse signal memory reverses Vsig01 to 24 per channel. Reversing polarity can be selected at each channel.
  • The 4-level signal memory has 8 channels and 4-level output at different timing can be obtained. The channel 1 is only for Vcom and its center voltage can be adjusted.
  • Channel 1 is for Vcom and center voltage can be adjusted.
  • Video signals, timing signals, and voltage setting data can be edited with a PC, and they can be written on the LDU-01B via LAN (EtherNet) or the floppy disk (FD).
  • 64 different panel data can be memorized on the hard disk drive.