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Evaluation of AM LCD/OLED panels with moving pictures!

OEL-10 is a universal signal generator designed for driving p-Si AM LCD and/or OLED panels with analog video signal (voltage) inputs. It corresponds to a single-phase to 8-phase color driving.

Panels can be evaluated with moving pictures by NTSC and still pictures by internal memory.

32 channels of drive signals can adjust function for phase and rise/fall time. A maximum of 64 different panel data can be programmed.

Major Features

  • The OEL-10 can generate all the necessary signals to drive LCD or OEL panels.
  • Evaluation with moving pictures by the input of composite signals or S-video signals.
  • Easy setting for output voltages of panel circuit power supplies, video signal amplifiers, and drive signal amplifiers.
  • Video signal amplitude is large and wide range. (Maximum Amplitude 15Vp-p, Range +20V to -10V)
  • Minimized amplitude difference between video signal channels. (At 15Vp-p, 20mVp-p or less)
  • Video Signal can display 16,777,216 color. (8 Bit x R, G, B)
  • GAMMA correction function for individual RGB of video signal. (10 Bit)
  • Phases can be swapped for left-right inversion display of video signals.
  • There are 32 channels in drive signals. There are phase adjusting functions in 16 channels. (0 to 32nS 4nS step)
  • Adjusting function for phase and rise & fall time in 4 channels of drive signal. (20nS to 1000nS)
  • Measurement for power supply of VCC/VDD/VSS and current for EL power supply. (EL range can be changed.)
  • Positive and negative sawtooth waveform can overlap on power supply for EL. (0V to 2Vp-p, 1Hz to 50KHz)
  • Cursor function for dot or line display. (Color can be changed for R, G, B.)
  • Step is automatically forwarded in a certain interval and outputs trigger signal at the same time.
  • Video patterns and drive signals are edited with personal computer and write to the OEL-10 with Ethernet, USB flash ROM or floppy disk.