Large LCD testing devices

Medium and small LCD testing devices

OLED testing devices

Aging/Evaluation System for OLED Materials


For evaluation of characteristics and life testing

Major Features

  • A variety of testing functions
    The single OMA-01 unit can make:
    (1) Lifetime test
    (2) Evaluation of I-L-V characteristics
    (3) Leakage current measurement
  • Individual channel control
    40 channels can be controlled individually.
    Test conditions and parameters can be also programmed separately.
  • Individual temperature control
    Temperatures of samples on 40 channels can be programmed from room temperature
    to 100 degree C separately.
  • Data conversion
    Test results can be graphically displayed or be converted to the external spread sheet.
  • Countermeasure for disk clashing
    Collected test data and operation status of programs are saved in two hard disks(mirroring) to prepare for accidents.