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LVDS-input Module Driver


Driver electronics for LCD modules with LVDS input

The SGX-01 is a signal generator to drive LCD panels with LVDS input for high vision and FULL HD systems. Test images are created and displayed using test pattern data memorized in a flash memory integrated to the remote controller.


Product Introduction Video

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Major Features

  • Video images can be displayed in 1,073,741,824 colors at the maximum. (10 bits x RGB )
  • Dot clock frequencies can go up to 135MHz in single link and 270MHz (135MHz x 2) in dual link.
    *The frequencies optionally can go up to 540MHz in quad link.
  • Time period taken for changeover of LCD panels can be reduced by updating software of a micro computer and FPGA in the SGX-01.
  • Signal pattern data for each panel type can be edited with an external PC. Such test patterns can be updated by transmitting to the flash memory in the remote controller.
  • A rectangular marker can be displayed on LCD panels using the coordinate information about screen defects obtained from automatic tests in the front-end process, which reduces cycle time taken for visual inspections.
  • A rotary encoder on the remote controller quickly and easily controls:
    - Digital gradation data of RGB video signals
    - Frequencies of SYNC signals
    - Brightness of backlights (by connecting external power supplies)
  • A cross-line cursor can be displayed on LCD panels to move to any position.
  • Vertical and horizontal scrolling on a screen can be made to any position. In addition, automatic scrolling can be done by programmed a motion speed.
  • Up to 32 alpha-numeric letters can be shown on LCD panels to display evaluations in a test process.
  • The SGX-01 corresponds with EDID data system, which enables acquiring information about panels when a PC monitor is connected.